Rendition Verite 2200

Windows NT5 (Windows 2000) and Windows XP Driver

I found it really hard to find a driver for my Rendition Verite 2200 graphics card. It is almost impossible to find a Rendition Verite Windows 2000 driver on the internet, so I thought I would do my part and put one up here.
This driver should also work with Windows XP, though I haven't tried it.

I got one from somewhere, I can't remember where I got it from, though.
Apparently, from the information inside the DLLs, it is from Rendition, but trying to get this off their website is impossible I think.

DISCLAIMER: I am unsure of the quality of this driver, my computer can sometimes be unstable and will randomly freeze or hang: suddenly the mouse will not move anymore and the keyboard doesn't respond. Sometimes a pattern comes up on the screen and sometimes everything looks fine but nothing works. The machine still replies to a ping when this happens, but won't accept any network connections. So something is wrong, it could be this driver or it could be something else dodgy in my computer. Try it and see, I would be really interested to know how everybody else goes with this.
Incidentally, I tried using Linux for a few weeks, I don't remember the machine showing these problems while using Linux, so it is possible this driver that is unstable?

Maybe they started developing the drivers then didn't finish them, I have no clue.
Anyway, here it is, I hope everybody enjoys it. Rendition Verite 2200 NT5 (Windows 2000) Reference Driver Rendition Website You should also check this in case it has been miraculously updated or something.

Windows 95, Windows 98 Drivers

For anybody who just runs Windows 98, you can go to the website to download the reference drivers for the Rendition Verite 2200 chipset.
The downloads page lists several drivers including Reference Drivers for Windows 95/98 for the Rendition V2x00 chipsets.
NOTE: This driver does not support Windows ME.
Also on this page are the Windows 95 Reference Drivers, the Complete Rendition SDK for driver developers, and the Developer Driver collection.

The downloads page
Reference Drivers for Windows 95/98
Complete Rendition SDK
Developer Driver collection


I'm starting a links section here, so far I have a grand total of one link!
This site is for the #Rendition IRC channel on There's lots of news and stuff and a few downloads for the Rendition cards, including the 1000 and others. The site is pretty heavily focused on news and happenings on IRC. Still, could be useful.

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